| July 9th, 2007

* popular bangla rhymes: how appropriate they are?

From Our Archive: Since my little girl was born I made a pledge that I will make sure she can learn Bangla language and culture very well even though she will be growing up in the US. Now as a 3-yr old, she can speak fluent Bangla, enjoys bangla music and has even become a […]

| April 23rd, 2007

* is preschool important for my child?

For last couple of months I had many parents asking me whether preschool is necessary before kindergarten and if so how does preschool help their child and what age should they send their child to preschool.   The term “preschool” means, literally, “before school.” Sounds simple enough, but this literal translation isn’t quite right for […]

| April 5th, 2007

* solace: a network for parents

Our recent discussions on Thoughts on Divorce at the blog brought out many poignant issues, and one of them was substance abuse among the younger generation. We wanted to highlight the work of Solace“ an initiative by a parent whose children were diagnosed with substance abuse, now another parent who has joined the network to […]

| January 22nd, 2007

Teaching Empathy to our Children

As I walked into the preschool classroom I see two boys in the block area building a structure. To respect the privacy of the children, I will call them A and B. The boys are about four years old. While building the structure, A trips over a block that was on the floor, falls and […]

| November 7th, 2006

Video Games, Television and Music and their Effect on our Children

In our school district for last couple of weeks we have been discussing about violence and how is affecting our students. One of the major concerns is how TV, music and specially video games are very influential and if there is too much violence available for children to watch and play, or listen to, this […]

| July 6th, 2006

Feeding Battles: No one wins

Imagine a day you are not having a good appetite, two people hold you tight and put a spoonful of your not-so-favorite food in your mouth, and they continue this for half an hour! Sounds ridiculous, right? Replace yourself with an 18 month old toddler and  those two people by her parents. Now you can […]

| June 23rd, 2006

Parenting tips in Prothom-Alo

Found some good parenting tips published in today’s Prothom Alo. It is a bangla newspaper so I am just providing the links for our readers. Take a look here.


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