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Adhunika Jr. is a Team initiated by Sid S. Yousuf under the Adhunika Foundation in August 2015. Team Adhunika Jr. was created to generated funding for Amrao Manush, a project for pavement dwellers, which is managed by Sajida Foundation located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The project Amrao Manush aims to support homeless children and improve their childhood while allowing their parents to earn an income for their family. The specific objective of the project is to help the children in their study, to increase their general knowledge and technical skills, and to engage them in extracurricular activities and to ensure proper nutrition for them.

Amrao Manush this by placing young children in daycare centers and by providing children over 6 years old with access to formal education. All children are placed in programs where they receive Psychosocial Counseling, Health & Wellness Education, Extracurricular activities, along with other services to support their family such as money management. 

Along with Sajida Foundation’s mission, Team Adhunika Jr. aims to enhance the life quality of the school going children of Amrao Manush Project for pavement dwellers so that they can utilize their true potential.


Sid S. Yousuf, Probha Hasan, Jubair Huq, Jeeshan Huq, Marissa Choudhury, Nora Choudhury, Anahit Balagyozya, Enaya Saleh, Isaam Saleh, Ayaan Jewel, Anamika Huq 

Photo is from First Fundraising Event at Chatpati Mela, Queens, NY, August 2015
Photo: Shahnaz S. Yousuf




Team Adhunika Jr. is planning to continue their support for children of Kawranbazar & Maniknagar Pavement Dwellers Center to not only remain in school, and become successful in life. Also, the TEAM is looking into ways to raise funds in order to support a third PDC center located in Mouchak, Bangladesh with help of friends, family & the community. 



  • Spread the word of Team Adhunika Jr.
  • Attend our events & support our cause
  • Help setup future events
  • Donate Money
  • Donate Supply



During the first year, Team Adhunika Jr. initial goal was to raise $4600, with the fundraising events & generous individual donation, the team raised $6500, and was able to support 23 children from Kawranbazar Pavement Dweller Center to remain in school. 

Since 2015, Team Adhunika Jr. was able to raise funds through fundraising events & generous support from individual donation to support 63 children from two Pavement Dwellers Center in Kawranbazar & Maniknagar to remain in school.

Team Adhunika Jr. at Adhunika’s Annual Fundraising Event, NYC, May 2018
Photo: Arif Yousuf





facebook Fundraiser: Team Adhunika Jr. Valentine’s Day Fundraiser Campaign for Children of Amrao Manush,  February



First facebook Fundraiser: Team Adhunika Jr. Valentine’s Day Fundraiser Campaign for Children of Amrao Manush,  February

Adhunika Annual Fundraising event – May, New York City

Lemonade Fundraiser: September, Texas

Winston Churchill High School: December, Maryland



Adhunika Annual Fundraising Event – May, New York City

Adhunika Year End Event – December, New York City



Ekushe Mela: February, Minnesota

Adhunika Annual Fundraising Event – April, New York City

Mount Pleasant Middle School Walk-a-Thon – New Jersey, June

ChatPati Mela – August,  in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY

Adhunika Year End Event: December, New York City



Chatpati Mela – First Fundraising event in August, in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY

BCCI Bangla School – Sid S. Yousuf’s fundraiser through photographs, November, Washington DC

Adhunika Year End Event: December, New York City




Team Adhunika Jr. at Chatpati Mela, Jackson Heights, NY photo: Shahnaz S. Yousuf

Team Adhunika Jr., Ekushey Mela in MN photo: Ishret Shimu


Sid representing Team Adhunika Jr. at Bangla School, Washington DC photo: Nadia Afrin










Children at Amrao Manush photo: Staff at AM


Sid S. Y. with Ripa & Nasim – the children at Amrao Manush, Dhaka, Bangladesh photo: Shahnaz S.Yousuf

Sid S. Y with Zahida Fizza Kabir Executive Director & Deputy Director Md. Fazlul Hoque of Sajida Foundation, photo: Staff at SF



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