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Team Adhunika Jr. where kids shape the future


Adhunika Jr. is a team initiated by Sid S. Yousuf – it was created to raise schooling supply money for the Amrao Manush project day care center located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. According to Sajida Foundation which manages the project Amrao Manush, “This daycare service allows homeless working mothers to leave their children, who are 2-6 years old, in a safe environment, while they work to contribute to their family income. The center also ensures schooling for street children (age 6+)”.

The  Adhunika Jr. team works in the US. The team generates funds for the street children by holding fundraisers of merchandise and refreshments at various events. In Bangladesh, the Amrao Manush daycare centre collects the funds that are sent from the US to provide school supplies & counseling for the children, and contributes to schooling the children in the daycare.


Currently, Team Adhunika Jr. is focusing on 23 children who live on the streets, and are attempting to provide for their education for $200 dollars per child annually. In the future, the team wants to work closely with the children they are supporting from the US in order for them to continue their education and become successful in life.


  • Spread the word of Team Adhunika Jr.
  • Help setup future events
  • Help sell products
  • Come to our events
  • Donate money
  • Donate supply

Team Adhunika Jr. at Chatpati Mela, Jackson Heights, NY photo: Shahnaz S. Yousuf

Team Adhunika Jr., Ekushey Mela in MN photo: Ishret Shimu

Sid representing Team Adhunika Jr. at Bangla School, Washington DC photo: Nadia Afrin



Children at Amrao Manush photo: Staff at AM

Sid S. Y. with Ripa & Nasim – the children at Amrao Manush, Dhaka, Bangladesh photo: Shahnaz S.Yousuf

Sid S. Y with Zahida Fizza Kabir Executive Director & Deputy Director Md. Fazlul Hoque of Sajida Foundation, photo: Staff at SF


The reason I started Adhunika Jr, was that when I visited the homeless children in the project Amrao Manush, I saw the way they live and heard their stories, such as a child named Nasim who is 10 years old and is in grade 3. Nasim studies at the Khan Hassan Government School and has two siblings.  He vows that when he will grow up, he will never let his parents live on the streets again. I thought if we supported the Amrao Manush program it would help more homeless children like Nasim. When we officially started the program, having eleven volunteers at the time, we immediately started to plan our fundraiser. After two weeks of planning we finally had the fundraising. It was a great success! We made over $650! We are now able to help 3 school going children. I feel it was very proficient of our team and I hope we will be able to support many more” –

Sid S. Yousuf, Founder of Adhunika Jr., age 10

I thought it was very exciting and fun.” – Nora Choudhury, age 6

I thought that we really made great progress helping Project ‘Amrao Manush’, and I had lots of fun selling and telling customers about Adhunika Jr. and the project Amrao Manush. I felt very proud of myself when we made over $600 in donations.” – Marissa Choudhury, age 11

I was very excited to work on the posters for Chatpoti Mela. It felt great to be involved in the fundraising event as it will change an underprivileged child’s life in Bangladesh.” -Probha Hasan, age 10

I believe that the fundraiser was very successful. I do believe that if we do more, such as sell popcorn or create a work of art, we can make a bigger difference.”  Jubair Huq, age 13

“I thought that we did good at the bake sale selling a lot of cookies, brownies, lemonade, bangles and photos. It was also very well planned.” –

Jeeshan Huq, age 11

“I found it gratifying, having an opportunity to aid our organization with my time and I hope to do so again.” – Anamika Huq, Friend of Adhunika

According to Fariza Hassan – Adhunika Jr. MN ambassador, “Having the opportunity to reach out to women and children in Bangladesh all the way from Minnesota fills me with such happiness and joy. love the idea of incorporating kids into Adhunika, it opens their eyes to the fact that they’re able to help children in this world that are just like them but who just need a little support. I‘m so honored to be a part of such an amazing program that encompasses so many values such as cooperation, charity, and most importantly, dedication. I look forward to being a part of the successes  Adhunika and Adhunika Jr. hold in the future!”


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