about us

ADHUNIKA FOUNDATION was founded in March 2002 in New York, United States of America, initially as an online-based portal for the women in Bangladesh. Adhunika was unique and visionary in its initial goal to be an online resource as a web magazine for Bangladeshi women. Shortly after its inception, Adhunika evolved into a Foundation and over the past two decades, has developed a significant presence both online and offline. 


ADHUNIKA FOUNDATION is dedicated to bringing about positive social change by empowering women and children in Bangladesh


To have a digital presence involving volunteers in changing the lives of Bangladeshi women and children around the world.


ADHUNIKA FOUNDATION is a nonprofit charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code. It is a global volunteer- based organization. Adhunika Foundation’s primary objective is to promote positive social change in the lives of women and children, contribute to the advancement of gender equity in Bangladesh and to ultimately, empower women and children in Bangladesh.

Adhunika Foundation aims to establish partnerships with non-profit and for profit organizations to create a network that Bangladeshi women can connect to, and develop much needed digital presence and communication skills for women.

Finally, Adhunika Foundation intends to provide a virtual platform for the voices of Bangladeshi women by promoting their personal stories, highlighting female role models, creating awareness of women’s issues and connecting them to other organizations that work towards women’s advancement.


Logo by Mahera Khaleque

The Logo is designed by Adhunika’s long time friend Artist Mahera Khaleque, following is a note from her:

Adhunika’s logo consists of three design elements: line, shape and color. Red and green represent the colors of the Bangladeshi flag, while yellow brings warmth and brightness.

The logo represents an assorted idea of our homeland, Bangladesh  and the future of its women. The red circle at the background commemorates the fallen in the Liberation war of 1971 as it does for the flag. Green is viewed as the color of vitality. Highlighted by the white and the yellow lines, the green shape combines a couple of ideas: an abstracted “Shore-a,” which is the first alphabet for spelling the word Adhunika in Bengali. It also resembles the shape of a seed that may convey a sense of the birth of a constructive idea or the beginning of something hopeful. The act of giving birth is a feminine experience,  in accordance with the concept of Bangladeshi women’s enormous potential of giving birth to success in the future. 

Mahera Khaleque. USA