| June 21st, 2012

* my time in adhunika

My first benefit concert with Adhunika was in October 2009. Ten minutes before show time, I was sitting in the entrance hall, right behind where the tickets were being collected, with Faisal Jalal (who had just driven in from Boston), practicing the song I was about to perform for the first time!

| July 31st, 2010

* in search of creative unity through dance

“We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams.” – Anonymous

A warm, sunny Sunday afternoon in Manhattan. Venue – Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater on 9th Avenue. A prestigious venue indeed. Performers – the legendary Lubna Marium, along with some of the best performers of Bangladesh. Even more esteemed if I may say so.

| May 15th, 2009

* bangladesh: high court lays down sexual harassment guidelines

The High Court on Thursday laid down a set of guidelines to prevent sexual harassment on women and children at work places, educational institutions and on the streets. It has defined the harassment and said the compliance of the guidelines was mandatory until those were passed into law in parliament.

| September 18th, 2007

* am i a good or a bad bangladeshi ?

This blog is a response to Ms. Tahiat-e-Mahbooba’s article “Am I a Bad Bangladeshi” printed on Lifestyle, a supplement of the Daily Star newspaper on August 28th, 2007. What is an ideal attitude towards Bangladesh for all its citizens? I found this to be a dilemma which is part of all Bangladeshis, whether living in […]

| August 20th, 2007

* on the notion of "a suitable job for women"

I came up with the idea of writing something on the notion: if certain jobs are more suitable than others for women, from a yahoo open question which asked which of the following 3 jobs was suitable for women- physician, nurse and politician. The question also asked which of these can a women perform better […]

| August 14th, 2007

* volunteerism

From Our Archive: “Volunteerism is the willingness of people to work on behalf of others without the expectation of pay or other tangible gain¦ the vast majority work on an impromptu basis, recognising a need and filling it, whether it be the dramatic search for a lost child or the mundane giving of directions to a […]

| August 7th, 2007

* help the flood victims in bangladesh

Support the Initiative of SpaandanB Relief Efforts for Flood Victims in Bangladesh:                                                                 The flood situation in Bangladesh is grave and the flood victims […]

| July 31st, 2007

* towards a gender friendly workspace

From Our Archive: The Days have changed, they say. Gone are the days when Bangladeshi girls were groomed from childhood to be able to impress their in laws in future. They were trained to be a versatile chef, an expert in stitching and sewing and sometimes a talented singer. Today Bangladeshi parents have become more […]

| July 19th, 2007

* acc women’s tournament 2007: bangladesh wins

Tigress Roar! Player of the Tournament: Panna Ghosh (Bangladesh) Wicket-keeper of the Tournament: Mina Khatun (Bangladesh) Bangladesh overpowered Nepal by eight wickets to win the inaugural ACC Women’s Tournament in Johor Bahru. “It’s a victory for the whole nation and the cricket system,” said their captain Tajkia Akhtar. more

| July 9th, 2007

* popular bangla rhymes: how appropriate they are?

From Our Archive: Since my little girl was born I made a pledge that I will make sure she can learn Bangla language and culture very well even though she will be growing up in the US. Now as a 3-yr old, she can speak fluent Bangla, enjoys bangla music and has even become a […]


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