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* help the flood victims in bangladesh

Support the Initiative of SpaandanB Relief Efforts for Flood Victims in Bangladesh:

































The flood situation in Bangladesh is grave and the flood victims need help. As in 2004, 1998, SpaandanB is raising funds to help the flood victims. SpandaanB chapters are actively working to raise funds for flood relief. As always, their goal is to maximize the benefit of the actual flood victims. Accordingly, SpaandanB will bear the expenses for collecting the funds and remitting them to Bangladesh. Visit SpaandanB for Detail


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  1. Mohi says:

    We just visited some of the affected areas for last few days. The problems,
    according to our assessment, has two facets. One, inadequate preparations & the
    other, the people’s indifference to combat the floods effectively.
    Yes, the government & NGOs didn’t make in-advance preparation to mitigate the
    suffering & property loss. A big flood protection centre with good facilities(
    electricity, pure water, cooking facilities, etc) could be a lot more helpful to
    minimze the losses as the affected people could immediately move to the centre with
    their belongings. Surprising, the flood is not new in Bangladesh, despite, there’s
    no such centre where people could move to & shelter themselves, specially in

    Then, the people themselves wait for the last minute to seek for alternative places
    to stay. The flood warning was made but people were reluctant to move to other
    places, like the places up west of Shirajgonj or move to other cities temporarily.
    Once the disaster strikes, every body begins hue & cry. Even without the flood
    warning, it’s monsoon season- a season of flood. Thus, accordingly, the preparation
    should be made so that the losses are minimzed.

    The permanent flood control can only be done if the long stretch of banks of rivers
    around Shirajgonj, Bogra & Rangpur are built with concrete metals ( the way
    actually Japanese have done in the Niigata prefecture to protect the entire coastal
    belt from the flood & erosion). Japanese style may be very expensive & needs
    advanced technology, but something along the line could be done to stop water
    flooding into the cities & town along the river side.

    Then, more flood protection centres can be set up to house the flood victimes.
    During off-flood season, those centres could be used for community works (rental).
    Then, of course dry season dredging should be intensified to shift the mud to lower
    area of lands & increase the depth & width of river navigability. There are
    encroachers also along the rivers, specially around Meghna river banks, who should
    immediately be evicted to allow the natural flow of river charter.

    Thanks everyone.

  2. Oneza says:


    Thanks for sharing your on-site experience. The irony is that we have flood each year and yet, every year we fail to have adequate preparation. I thought some flood shelters were built in the past years in the northern part but may be they are not adequate.

    Disaster management is one big area that we need to train ourselves over and over. People are reluctant to evacuate and this is a fact not just for BD but the same thing happened in New Orleans in US during Hurrican Katrina. May be we need to regulate the evacuation of people once we have more emergency shelters.

    We are anxious to hear more about the flood from others who have experienced it in BD. I hope that everything goes back to normal in BD soon.

  3. Sharmin says:

    An estimated 30 million people in Bangladesh, Nepal and Northern India have been affected by severe flooding. The UN has warned that a health crisis is impending if relief efforts are not stepped up immediately.

    If you would like to contribute to the flood relief efforts please consider donating to one or more of these organizations. In most cases, the donations will be tax deductible.

    An AmeriCares emergency response team will arrive in Bangladesh this week to ramp up relief efforts
    Website: http://www.americares.org
    Online donation page: https://www.kintera.org/site/c.ivIYIjN3JyE/b.3077011/k.798D/IndiaBangladesh_Flood_Fund/apps/ka/sd/donor.asp?c=ivIYIjN3JyE&b=3077011&en=owKVJ7OSLkLXK6OUJdIQJhMZLmIbKiOSImK4LcMWIpI4JjN7LAJ

    Red Cross
    The International Federation is also appealing for emergency funds to provide immediate assistance to people in Bangladesh. So far, the Red Cross Red Crescent has already assisted 9,000 families and another 9,000 are expected to receive aid within the coming days, including rice, lentils, cooking oil, salt and clothing.
    Website: http://www.ifrc.org
    Online Donation Page (you can choose – Bangladesh floods from the drop down menu) http://donate.ifrc.org/

    Save the Children
    Save the Children is distributing food, water and other necessities to flood victims in South Asia

    Oxfam – UK
    Ocfam is mobilizing support for 12,000 families living in five of the worst-affected districts, with shelter materials, food, water, sanitation, animal fodder, and hygiene promotion.

    World Food Program:
    WFP is delivering food assistance in Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan.
    Website: http://www.wfp.org
    Online donations page: You can choose “Where I’s Most Needed” or “Child Hunger” http://www.wfp.org/how_to_help/support_wfp/individuals.asp?section=4&sub_section=1

    BRAC has committed Tk 20 crore towards relief operations. Unfortunately BRAC is not accepting donations online. As most of you know, BRAC has a remarkable track record and is very cognizant of local conditions given that they are engaged in grass-roots activities. Human rights organization, Drishtipat, is collecting online donations for Phiriye Ano Bangladesh and BRAC on their website (see below).

    Drishtipat is collecting donation for the flood victims. It also has put together a list of credible organizations that are engaged in flood relief efforts

    Please spread the word and share these links with your friends!

  4. Hello Sharmin,
    Thanks for putting all the organization’s name and link who are working in the flood affected areas. It will benefit all of us who are searching for channels to send their contributions.

  5. Sandra De Rozario says:

    Hi Sharmin,

    Thanks for providing us the links and all those organizations who are making the effort to help these flood victims. It is indeed helpful for those like us who are far away from home and yet are willing to make some contribution towards helping these people in any possible way. I must say that these links can certainly lead us to where and how we can help.

  6. Shahnaz says:

    Adding one more to the list of organizations where you can send donation to help the flood victims:

    Shah Jalal University of Science & Technology, Sylhet



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