| December 31st, 2006

A Year At Adhunika Blog

A year ago, the adhunika blog was merely an idea, after 365 days, 9 dedicated bloggers, 63 posts within 17 categories, 310 comments and 43291 visitors later  this is what we would like to share with our readers: Comment from a regular participant: Nazia Hussein from Bangladesh: Since I first visited adhunika, I always wanted to join […]

| December 22nd, 2006

Tahmima Anam: An Emerging Writer

Great writing may be in the blood, but having a window seat on remarkable historical events can help to shape an author. A major new talent, Tahmima Anam, has the advantage of coming from a line of gifted Bangladeshi writers and thinkers, yet it is the damaging experience her family shared with thousands of others […]

| December 20th, 2006


(By our guest blogger Selina Huq) -Â Two weeks ago I attended a seminar organized by Landmark Education. . The purpose of the seminar is to come in terms with your past, fears and start living in the present. In that seminar the speaker says, ‘To forgive is to let go of the past’. Many […]

| December 15th, 2006

Sultana's Dream: And Selections from the Secluded Ones

  We recommend the following book for our readers: “Sultana’s Dream: And Selections from the Secluded Ones” by Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain Synopsis “Sultana’s Dream” was first published in 1905 in a Madras English newspaper, is a witty feminist utopia — a tale of reverse purdah that posits a world in which men are confined indoors and women […]

| December 1st, 2006

* lemon water

( From our guest blogger Selina Huq) I came across this article about drinking lemon with water, and is very beneficial for your body.   Lemon water helps unblock stagnant and clogged chi in the body. Chi needs to flow effortlessly and harmoniously if the body is to be in a healthy state. Lemon water […]


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