a corridor of opportunity

Carrying a mixture of curiosity and excitement me & my mother ascended 6 floors to visit the Adhunika Women’s Centre in Azimpur, Dhaka. After instructing my first English lesson through their skype program in March (one of the many services provided by the Adhunika Foundation to Bangladeshi women, along with technological studies), I was more than intrigued by their enthusiastic students and helpful staff. Undoubtedly I was ecstatic when offered the opportunity to visit the Centre and meet some of the inspiring young ladies I had taught.

| September 1st, 2015

first fundraising event by the team adhunika jr. at Chatpati Mela:

On August 22, 2015, the Adhunika Jr. team went to the Chat Pati Mela Fundraising Event in Queens, New York to launch their first fundraising event. There, the team thought of many different ways to help Project Amrao Manush, a project dedicated to getting street children in Bangladesh temporary shelters, food, clothing, and education.