a corridor of opportunity

Carrying a mixture of curiosity and excitement me & my mother ascended 6 floors to visit the Adhunika Women’s Centre in Azimpur, Dhaka. After instructing my first English lesson through their skype program in March (one of the many services provided by the Adhunika Foundation to Bangladeshi women, along with technological studies), I was more than intrigued by their enthusiastic students and helpful staff. Undoubtedly I was ecstatic when offered the opportunity to visit the Centre and meet some of the inspiring young ladies I had taught.


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Adhunika blog is launched with a mission to share knowledge among women from every walk of life. Sometime it would be in the form of sharing experience to find a feasible solution of a problem; sometime it would be in the form of professional consultation, which Adhunika group will arrange for its bloggers. Nevertheless, the intent of this blog always remains the same - to help and empower women through a common web-based platform....read more



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