Back to Chatpati Mela for Back to School!

By Marissa Choudhury & Sid S. Yousuf

The Adhunika Jr. Team participated in the 5th Annual Chatpati Mela on August 13th, 2016. The Mela was full of cultural performances, activities, and contests. Many people came to see the organizations that lined up selling clothes, food, and more for a purpose that will benefit the world in their own way.

Team Adhunika Jr at ChatpatiMela

The Adhunika Jr. Team came to the event to raise awareness and to help 3 kids get their second term in education they need to go back to school. To help raise money, we sold cookies, cupcakes, lemonade, brownies, photo’s taken by Sid S. Yousuf, and photo cards that were hand drawn by the kids of the “Amrao Manush” project in Bangladesh. We also received donations from people who wanted to contribute just a little more. . We also made a poster showing that our goal was to make at least 3 kids go back to school. We can change these kids’ lives. The kids that helped with the stand where Sid S Yousuf, Marissa Choudhury, Jeeshan Huq, Jubair Huq, Anamika Huq, Nora Choudhury, and Anahit Balagyozyan.

After around 3 hours, we successfully raised $210 in donations and sales, which allowed one more  kid to go back to school. We are very proud of Adhunika Jr, and how far we’ve reached and we would like to thank everyone who donated and/or bought something from our stand! You really put a smile on our faces and all the kids’ faces that are part of the “Amrao Manush” project. We couldn’t have done it without you. Also a big thanks to all the kids, parents, and adults behind the stand that helped make these 4 kids go to school! We all are proud of everyone that help us do what’s best. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

To help us make an even bigger change, please donate and help us get even more children go back to school.