Back to Chatpati Mela for Back to School!

The Adhunika Jr. Team participated in the 5th Annual Chatpati Mela on August 13th, 2016. The Mela was full of cultural performances, activities, and contests. Many people came to see the organizations that lined up selling clothes, food, and more for a purpose that will benefit the world in their own way.

| February 22nd, 2016

team adhunika jr. fundraiser at the ekushe mela in minnesota

Our team Adhunika Jr. (MN) had great success at the fundraising booth at Ekushe mela. With dedicated and enthusiastic team members, they were able to raise money for team Adhunika Jr.’s cause “Amrao Manush (We Are People Too)” while having fun at the mela booth! This fund will help street children in Bangladesh continue their school […]

| September 1st, 2015

first fundraising event by the team adhunika jr. at Chatpati Mela:

On August 22, 2015, the Adhunika Jr. team went to the Chat Pati Mela Fundraising Event in Queens, New York to launch their first fundraising event. There, the team thought of many different ways to help Project Amrao Manush, a project dedicated to getting street children in Bangladesh temporary shelters, food, clothing, and education.

| May 7th, 2007

* tips for application: "guidelines for application to us colleges – customized for International candidates from bangladesh

This write-up covers some very basic steps to take if you are thinking of applying to the US for undergraduate studies. It is compiled entirely based on my personal experience of applying to college. Therefore it might be outdated, since I started college in the Fall of 1999. Please make sure you check with the […]

| April 23rd, 2007

* is preschool important for my child?

For last couple of months I had many parents asking me whether preschool is necessary before kindergarten and if so how does preschool help their child and what age should they send their child to preschool.   The term “preschool” means, literally, “before school.” Sounds simple enough, but this literal translation isn’t quite right for […]

| October 19th, 2006

* academic advising

[Selina Huq is a guest blogger, who has been an Advising and Registration counselor for the past seven years in US. – Admin. ] As an Academic Advisor I am very familiar with curriculum requirements for student pursuing various majors. I assist new and continuing students with college policy, registration procedures, course selection and four year […]

| July 30th, 2006

* standardized testing for us college admissions

As the month of July draws to a close, many of you are beginning to think of various standardized test requirements for college admissions, particulalry if you are applying to colleges and universities in the US. The first step would be to gather information regarding each type of test, and find out what your college […]


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