* a day with the d.r.e.a.m. team

Adhunika offered me an incredible opportunity to volunteer for the DREAM (Diabetes Research, Education and Action for Minorities) project and with my interest in healthcare I could not resist. On October 17th, 2009 I participated in the first of a series of Diabetes Intervention programs carefully designed by…

| April 30th, 2007

* take a break, attain a healthy lifestyle!

The benefit of leading a healthy life at any age is recognized by everyone around the world. Yet, many of us fail to practice healthy habits in our day to day life. Among some of the unhealthy trends which exist among Bangladeshi women, weight problems after marriage, giving birth to a child, moving to a […]

| December 1st, 2006

* lemon water

( From our guest blogger Selina Huq) I came across this article about drinking lemon with water, and is very beneficial for your body.   Lemon water helps unblock stagnant and clogged chi in the body. Chi needs to flow effortlessly and harmoniously if the body is to be in a healthy state. Lemon water […]

| April 23rd, 2006

* taking care of us, when we take care of child with special need

Having a baby is a joyous experience of our life. Despite many worries during pregnancy, we all cherish a picture perfect healthy, cuddly and cute baby in our arms. Everyone we know gets involve to make plans around that bundle of joy; while we bask around in the thought of motherhood in due time. Now […]


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