| April 30th, 2007

* take a break, attain a healthy lifestyle!

The benefit of leading a healthy life at any age is recognized by everyone around the world. Yet, many of us fail to practice healthy habits in our day to day life. Among some of the unhealthy trends which exist among Bangladeshi women, weight problems after marriage, giving birth to a child, moving to a […]

| April 23rd, 2007

* is preschool important for my child?

For last couple of months I had many parents asking me whether preschool is necessary before kindergarten and if so how does preschool help their child and what age should they send their child to preschool.   The term “preschool” means, literally, “before school.” Sounds simple enough, but this literal translation isn’t quite right for […]

| April 20th, 2007


I recommend one of my recent favorite movies ‘Deshantori’ by Mridul Chowdhury and Sujan Mahmud to our bloggers.   Following is the synopsis of Deshantori: The widely acclaimed film Deshantori tells the story of 26 Bangladeshis who risked their lives in search of a better future by undertaking a perilous journey to Spain through the […]

| April 14th, 2007

Shubho Nobo Borsho


| April 7th, 2007

Tiger's roar again!

…Bangladesh pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the tournament, thrashing South Africa by 67 runs at the Providence Stadium in Guyana. With 251 on the board, Bangladesh’s trio of left-arm spinners thrived on the sluggish surface, one that resembled a sub-continental sandpit during the second half of the match, and pulled off a […]

| April 5th, 2007

* solace: a network for parents

Our recent discussions on Thoughts on Divorce at the blog brought out many poignant issues, and one of them was substance abuse among the younger generation. We wanted to highlight the work of Solace“ an initiative by a parent whose children were diagnosed with substance abuse, now another parent who has joined the network to […]

| April 2nd, 2007

Thoughts on Divorce

Sometimes we get requests from our readers to write about this very delicate issue-˜divorce”. I am sure those who asks are not exactly having the happiest life with their spouses, and that’s why they are asking others (including us) for advice on what could be a clean way to end their marital relationship. In Adhunika, […]


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