| March 31st, 2007

We Need You Right Here

Adhunika team is looking for women bloggers who are passionate about empowering women by creating awareness. Our focus is mainly on women who are from Bangladesh; however there are many topics that can assist any women regardless of their national origin. Adhunika blog was launched with a mission to share knowledge among women from every […]

| March 25th, 2007

March 26 – Independence Day of Bangladesh

Join us paying homage to our war heroes and in celebrating Independence Day of Bangladesh. March 26 – the day Independence of Bangladesh was formally declared on the eve of a 9 month long war of Independence with Pakistan that led to the emergence of Bangladesh as a sovereign nation. After many years of exploitation, both politically and […]

| March 21st, 2007

New face of Bangladeshi Women

A Bangladeshi women in Dhaka showing support for Bangladesh Cricket team. photo courtesy: Drishtipat blog

| March 19th, 2007

* relationship – get what you want

[From our archive] “My Mother in law hates everything I do, always she finds fault in me, I don’t feel like talking to her” “I am very unhappy with my daughter in law… all these time we looked for a nice girl for my son (and thought we found this one) but now she misbehaves […]

| March 11th, 2007

Say "No" to Marriage-of-Convenience

Leena is the favorite daughter of her affluent parents. She is good looking, she is a brilliant student, and she just got her Bachelors degree from one of the top schools in Dhaka. To pursue her career further she wants to go to a graduate school in the US. But her parents want her to […]

| March 8th, 2007

Celebrate International Women's Day

As we celebrate Adhunika’s fifth anniversary on the eve of International Women’s Day, we would like to ask our bloggers, what do you want to see changed in your lives to establish equality in your daily life?        Â

| March 2nd, 2007

Topics at Adhunika Blog

This is your opportunity to tell us what you would like us to discuss at the Blog, we will consider to discuss topics ‘you think’ we should address here.  If you don’t want to share your name with the readers, you can also be anonymous when you send us your idea. Thank you for your […]


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Adhunika blog is launched with a mission to share knowledge among women from every walk of life. Sometime it would be in the form of sharing experience to find a feasible solution of a problem; sometime it would be in the form of professional consultation, which Adhunika group will arrange for its bloggers. Nevertheless, the intent of this blog always remains the same - to help and empower women through a common web-based platform....read more



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