| February 22nd, 2016

team adhunika jr. fundraiser at the ekushe mela in minnesota

Our team Adhunika Jr. (MN) had great success at the fundraising booth at Ekushe mela. With dedicated and enthusiastic team members, they were able to raise money for Adhunika’s “Project Amrao Manush (We Are People Too)” while having fun at the mela booth! This fund will help street children in Bangladesh continue their school and shelter in 2016.

According to Fariza Hassan – Adhunika Jr. MN ambassador, “Having the opportunity to reach out to women and children in Bangladesh all the way from Minnesota fills me with such happiness and joy. I love the idea of incorporating kids into Adhunika, it opens their eyes to the fact that they’re able to help children in this world that are just like them but who just need a little support. I‘m so honored to be a part of such an amazing program that encompasses so many values such as cooperation, charity, and most importantly, dedication. I look forward to being a part of the successes  Adhunika and Adhunika Jr. hold in the future!”

Photo Courtesy: Ishret Shimu, Friend of Adhunika since 2002

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Update: With the support of family, friends & the community the Team Adhunika Jr. Minnesota was able to raise $1200 for Project  Amrao Manush. Great Job Team Adhunika Jr. MN!!!



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