| June 23rd, 2006

Parenting tips in Prothom-Alo

Found some good parenting tips published in today’s Prothom Alo. It is a bangla newspaper so I am just providing the links for our readers. Take a look here.


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  1. Sharmin says:

    Here is some more positive discipline ideas:

    We all dream about the wonderful parent we want to be and of our compliant, well-mannered children. But the reality of everyday parenting, exhaustion, impatience, nonstop child activity, finances, and more, can quickly send us to the parenting place we never wanted to go. We say things to our children we wish we could take back. We ignore our children or lash out in anger often intended for someone else. We moralize, letting too much personal frustration or other emotions show. It’s normal and is all part of being a parent. So how do we get our children to listen? What’s a parent to do?
    Read more here.

  2. Sharmin says:

    Check out PBS Paretns.

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