| November 7th, 2006

Video Games, Television and Music and their Effect on our Children

In our school district for last couple of weeks we have been discussing about violence and how is affecting our students. One of the major concerns is how TV, music and specially video games are very influential and if there is too much violence available for children to watch and play, or listen to, this can sway their attitudes in a negative direction.

Playground Photo: sy@adhunikaChildren today are surrounded by technology and entertainment that is full of violence. Playing video games teach children about violence and how to use it in their daily lives.  The violence in these video games can desensitize children and alter their perception of reality. It can give them the idea that violence is an acceptable way to deal with problems and conflict.

Not all video games, television, and music for children is negative, some can have a positive affect on children. There are great educational programs that help children learn and stimulate their brain.


While buying video games read content and view before giving it to your child. Monitor what kind of program your child is watching in TV. At home or in the car listen to meaningful songs, watch educational programs and purchase educational video games. For example PBS Kids Channel,’LeapFrog‘ site.

We are asking parents to monitor the amount of TV or video games your child see and plays. It should be only one hour of TV or video game per day. We are encouraging parents to spend more quality time with your child. For example, going to the park, playing sports, nature walks, reading books, baking, painting and many more activities.  It is a challenging world that our children are growing up in. Technology is a powerful tool. Let’s help our children to use this tool in a positive way.


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