| November 7th, 2006

Video Games, Television and Music and their Effect on our Children

In our school district for last couple of weeks we have been discussing about violence and how is affecting our students. One of the major concerns is how TV, music and specially video games are very influential and if there is too much violence available for children to watch and play, or listen to, this can sway their attitudes in a negative direction.

Playground Photo: sy@adhunikaChildren today are surrounded by technology and entertainment that is full of violence. Playing video games teach children about violence and how to use it in their daily lives.  The violence in these video games can desensitize children and alter their perception of reality. It can give them the idea that violence is an acceptable way to deal with problems and conflict.

Not all video games, television, and music for children is negative, some can have a positive affect on children. There are great educational programs that help children learn and stimulate their brain.


While buying video games read content and view before giving it to your child. Monitor what kind of program your child is watching in TV. At home or in the car listen to meaningful songs, watch educational programs and purchase educational video games. For example PBS Kids Channel,’LeapFrog‘ site.

We are asking parents to monitor the amount of TV or video games your child see and plays. It should be only one hour of TV or video game per day. We are encouraging parents to spend more quality time with your child. For example, going to the park, playing sports, nature walks, reading books, baking, painting and many more activities.  It is a challenging world that our children are growing up in. Technology is a powerful tool. Let’s help our children to use this tool in a positive way.


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  1. Sharmin says:

    Many stay home mom asks, “how do I limit one hour for TV/Video since it is kind of a baby sitter to me while I am doing my household work?”.

    I say think of your child as your work as well, even better treat them as a companion who you need to spend quality time with, not just only feeding and chaning time. You need to realize this is a big work and therefore you can’t expect to spend too much time for your other household work. Plan accordingly so you can do bulk of your cooking and other work when your husband or anyone else is home.

    Just because you are not doing outside work doesn’t mean you should cook everyday. Once you set your expectation right you will have time and energy to spend quality time with your child.

    Even when the child is a six month old putting them in your lap and doing other grown up things doesn’t count as spending time with the child. Talk to them, show them different colors and patters, listen to music, share a smile.

    Sometimes you can ask your toddler to help you with the laundry, dishes etc. Ask them to throw something in the trash. They can do these kind of work with your help (it will take more time of course). But this way they will think themselves to be more valuable. Say “thank you” when they do something for you so they get encouraged.

    In older days there were many siblings so parents’ time was not needed much. But now a days parents have to be friends with their children.


  2. Oneza says:

    Great topic Nadia, With a great picture!
    It is extremely important for children to grow up with nature and spend limited time on tv/video games. There are some really good tv shows that kid can enjoy and learn at the same time. Parents can select those for their kids.
    I have seen a mother who takes her two children to the park to show them our eco-system, different species – leaves, trees, worms and bugs. Other parents I know who are great fans of astrology, and they with their kids watch the stars at some stary nights! There are many ways to show the children this beautiful universe besides tv and video games.

  3. Samiha Esha says:

    Hello Nadia Apu……that’s a nice post…well I think now a days our life style get robotic that’s why we couldn’t manage time for our children…I recall when i was kid we used to play with our counsins and friends in many parks….that time we also didn’t have much computer games or cartoon channels…..So we got the opportunity to enjoy our times….But I do also feel bad when I see my brother also maintain a robotic time schedule with his study, game stations at home….Life actually getting more taugh day by day……..I wish there will be more parks and fun places for children very soon.

    ( My comment is from Dhaka perspective)


    Samiha Esha 🙂

  4. Suzana says:

    The key is to make our home a happy place for our family. So, violence in video games or violence in your neigborhood does not effect the kid. What your kid learn from home is the best education any school can ever offer. So, if a kid comes from a loving caring home, most likely he will be well balanced in life. Studies have shown that the kids that shows violent activities ususally comes from an abusive or violent family environment.
    But it is always a good idea to give your child as much time as we can. Express our love for them and talk to them everyday about school and friends. One 20 year old boy(our friend’s son) who soon will be graduating from UCSD once told me, find out about your son’s friends and be active in his life as much as possible. Go to school at least once every two months and he concluded by saying that your small efforts will make a huge positive difference in your childs life. I liked that. I am making every effort to be involved in my child’s life. It is not easy and I barely have any time for myself but My child is my asset I am willing to invest my time and energy towards that.

  5. Zahra says:

    children will be exposed at friends homes as well as at school and elsewhere…I dont find it to be harmful if a parent has discussions about non violence with their children and always “finding” out what the children are thinking and feeling every day. Sometimes it is not good to keep children in the dark all the time because when something shocking happens in front of them and your not around to explain the situation….that can be detrimental and a lot of children big and small rarely tell what happened unless asked. Some exposure is good so you can openly discuss the issues before they get info from somewhere else.A 15 year old is just as important as a 3 year old in terms of educating them about violence and what is good or bad and besides when children are very young thats where their minds are usually molded for life(ages 1-3). Truth is what prevents tragedy, exposure is harmful when left unexplained or discussed.

  6. MSR says:

    Growing up my parents did their hardest to shield me from all the bad in the world. They did not allow me to watch movies with violence, alcohol/drug abuse, etc. At times I am greatful for that because those things remain acts that disturb me on a profound level. Even someone being punched on screen makes me cringe. Sometimes I think what we all need is more sensitivity, and then it would be less acceptable to act in a violent manner, or in a way that’s harmful to our selves and our loved ones – referring to alcohol/drug abuse, etc. However, because I was so sheltered it was a shock when I left home for college and thought that these things were ones I would never see in my lifetime. I think the key is to expose children with caution, so they understand the realities of the world, while instilling the right beliefs about the dangers of it.

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