| March 28th, 2006

* resume writing tips

Recently I have been reviewing lots of resumes for some software positions in our team. So I decided to post some tips that might come in handy while preparing a resume.

My feedback is based on the resumes of the candidates having a BS/MS on Computer Science with zero to couple of years of industry experience.

It was written in informal emails in the context of resume style used in the US for industry jobs. The comments are available in here: csebuet.org.


4 Responses to “* resume writing tips”

  1. Rashomon says:

    Apnar blog bangla bhasai hole khub bhalo hoi.
    Tahole onek beshi pathok upkrito hobe.

  2. […] If you have have BS/MS degree in Computer Science with zero to couple of years of industry experience, don’t forget to check Sharmin’s Resume writing tips […]

  3. Bina D'Costa says:

    CV writing style varies significantly in different countries. Australia and the UK follow similar guidelines. Whereas Germany and France prefer very brief CVs.

    If it is useful may be some of the members, who are in the job market could share resumes in adhunika website for critical comments and feedback.

  4. Firoz Mahmud Khan says:

    Its really an innovetive attempt to upgrade the lives of our women community.

    Thaks for this generous and nice effort in
    On Line.

    Firoz Mahmud Khan
    Editor, Anantyer Shure Little Magazine

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