| March 22nd, 2006

* us college applications – start now for fall 2007 admissions!


It does seem a little early to be thinking about college if you’re aiming to enroll in the fall of 2007. You’ll probably graduate around January or May of 2007, and you’re in grade 11 now. Just began grade 11 at that. You’ve just completed your O’levels or SSC exams, and looking forward to the last two years of highschool fun. Thinking of college? Surely it’s too early?

Admissions to US colleges is a lengthy process, particularly if you’re applying as an international student, and if you’re eager to be considered for financial assistance. It’s usually a good idea to get a head start into the process and now is as good a time as any.

Now is a good time to visit the USIS office in Banani, Dhaka, and get information about standardized tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, SAT I, SAT II. You’d also want to start looking at various university and college information online, to try to identify the right environment where you will thrive academically.

A good starting point is to ask for brochures from colleges and universities. You can find their mailing address from the internet, or fill out an online brochure request form. You can request brochures from colleges and universities even if you don’t end up applying to them. Going through the actual brochures will give you a good idea of the college environment, course offerings and extracurricular activities and options – leading to an informed “to apply to” list of colleges.

Increasing number of colleges and universities will probably have their brochures replaced by online resources, and it’s a great idea to spend some time on the web, looking at the college websites.

But what am I looking for? Basically, you’re looking at the setting of the college – do you want a vibrant city life around you, or do you prefer to be in a small town setting? Do you want a huge school or a small college? Don’t forget to look at the faculty listings, course offerings and list of other activities that you can be involved in while at college. Don’t worry about “what’s right” in a college decision – just reading through what these educational institutions have to offer will slowly begin the education process that US college applications is all about – a self exploratory process of understanding what’s really important to the next 4 years of your life.

Send us your comments, and we can help guide you towards the right resources and just making sense of all the information that’s out there. In a month or so, you’re going to want to begin to think about standardized testing, and when you want to take those exams. For now, enjoy the browsing around!

Though stressful at times, the experience of the college application process will actually be a fun process. For guidance or advice, turn to the Adhunika blog and let us know how we can address your questions and concerns!


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