| March 22nd, 2006

* us college applications – start now for fall 2007 admissions!

It does seem a little early to be thinking about college if you’re aiming to enroll in the fall of 2007. You’ll probably graduate around January or May of 2007, and you’re in grade 11 now. Just began grade 11 at that. You’ve just completed your O’levels or SSC exams, and looking forward to the last two years of highschool fun. Thinking of college? Surely it’s too early?

Admissions to US colleges is a lengthy process, particularly if you’re applying as an international student, and if you’re eager to be considered for financial assistance. It’s usually a good idea to get a head start into the process and now is as good a time as any.

Now is a good time to visit the USIS office in Banani, Dhaka, and get information about standardized tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, SAT I, SAT II. You’d also want to start looking at various university and college information online, to try to identify the right environment where you will thrive academically.

A good starting point is to ask for brochures from colleges and universities. You can find their mailing address from the internet, or fill out an online brochure request form. You can request brochures from colleges and universities even if you don’t end up applying to them. Going through the actual brochures will give you a good idea of the college environment, course offerings and extracurricular activities and options – leading to an informed “to apply to” list of colleges.

Increasing number of colleges and universities will probably have their brochures replaced by online resources, and it’s a great idea to spend some time on the web, looking at the college websites.

But what am I looking for? Basically, you’re looking at the setting of the college – do you want a vibrant city life around you, or do you prefer to be in a small town setting? Do you want a huge school or a small college? Don’t forget to look at the faculty listings, course offerings and list of other activities that you can be involved in while at college. Don’t worry about “what’s right” in a college decision – just reading through what these educational institutions have to offer will slowly begin the education process that US college applications is all about – a self exploratory process of understanding what’s really important to the next 4 years of your life.

Send us your comments, and we can help guide you towards the right resources and just making sense of all the information that’s out there. In a month or so, you’re going to want to begin to think about standardized testing, and when you want to take those exams. For now, enjoy the browsing around!

Though stressful at times, the experience of the college application process will actually be a fun process. For guidance or advice, turn to the Adhunika blog and let us know how we can address your questions and concerns!


19 Responses to “* us college applications – start now for fall 2007 admissions!”

  1. Shahnaz says:

    The College Board’s website is a very helpful one to start your search on Admissions to US colleges, here is the link:


    Through the site you can learn about standardized tests, how to plan for college, find and compare colleges that you would like to apply. You can also build your own organizer to track your searches by creating an account with them. The service is free!

  2. Sharmin says:

    Hi Naina,

    I think it would be beneficial if you could higlight on,
    – How to select a Major (which dept to apply)
    – How to get financial support

    Also may be in future:

    * what it is like to be in USA as a Undergrad or Gaduate student. It is not like the holywood moves. Social shocks, how to survive?

    * What are the options for someone in BD who will continue their studies in Bangladesh (Note that not everyone can afford to come to the US for their education, a very popular idea is a girl should get married to someone residing in the US before coming here)

  3. Puttolika says:

    Hi Naina

    I also agree with Sharmin. It would be great help for us if u highlight on :

    – How to select a Major (which dept to apply)
    – How to get financial support
    – & if anyone can get any scholarship on their prevoius results?


  4. Naina says:

    Sharmin and Puttolika,

    Thanks for the feedback, I’ll address the major choice and financial aid applications in two separate blog entries in the coming week or so.


  5. Nahid says:

    Nice and well site, would be better if Bangla.

  6. mustafa says:

    If one perform outstanding in GRE, then is he/she
    has good chance for financial support?

  7. Sharmin says:

    Yes good score in GRE including your past credentials play major role in assitantships.

    There are other things you need to keep in mind, in one department there are some teaching assitant positions and there are some graduate research positions (under the faculty member).

    Teaching assistantships are awared mostly based on GRE scores and your grade in Undergrad school. Whereas research assistantship depends on the particular professor. He or she may want you to have good background and interest on that particular area as well (sometimes they interview students before awarding the RA). Some gives weight on the reference letter provided by your former professors. And don’t forget about the Essay you submit along with your application.

    Some of the good schools need Subject GRE scores. You need to do some research on the school using their home page to get all the detail info. Every school has a rank, those towards the top are more competitive.

    Bottom line is, yes Good GRE score is a requirement but there are other things that plays role as well.


  8. Trisha says:

    To add to the topics regarding financial support, ability to write a good essay is definitely important. I have some friends are faculty members and I always hear from them how poor some of the essays are and how they reject having further conversation with the applicants. Always focus on what you have done recently on your essays and what you have learned from the projects. It is always important to focus on the lessons learned.

    For those who are going for MBA, usually you have to write about your involvement with community services. While in Bangladesh, I never realized how little we participate in the community compared to an average American. As part of your preparation, I would recommend getting involved, you will find it rewarding too. Also, those of you who want to go for MBA, I would recommend working in Bangladesh for couple of years and then target the top schools as the top schools require couple of years of work experience.

  9. Sharmin says:

    This might be helpful (Written by a cs major student)
    Roadmap to graduate Application:

    Thanks Trisha. I hope people from all differnt Majors will participate here.

  10. Shafquat Rabbee says:

    Hi, Let’s not forget another most important aspect of getting admission and financial aid: Recommendation Letters.

    Recommendation letters, when they are written effectively and concisely, can make a sea of difference in selling a student’s candidacy.  

    Most Bangladeshi professors write recommendation letters that certify the student’s character, moral, how great a student he/she was etc etc. But many times they fail to specifically connect how this good character and brilliance will help the foreign university’s faculty.

    There are certain tips and tricks in the art of writing effective recommendation letters, which if allowed I can detail later.


  11. Faika says:

    Hi, From the level of response it seems as if grad school applications is an area that many website visitors are interested in. Perhaps a separate section that deals with applying to various graduate schools should be developed especially as naina’s article is addressing only undergraduate application concerns.

    Another useful website for undergraduate applications is The Princeton Review dot com. It reviews various colleges and universities as
    well as information on standardized tests.


  12. Nafisa Khan says:

    I have been applying to some US universities,but find it difficult to meet their financial requirements.However I was thinking of the following & would be grateful for your advice
    a)availability of any bank loan in US to execute my studies
    b)availability of any loan in US from Any Bangladeshi Association/Organization to help me execute my studies
    c)Scope of earning(to repay loan) in USA by working there as only an American income can help me clear my loan.
    d)Will US Govt allow me to work in USA, at least for the term I need to repay my loan
    e)A New York based IT training institute states that with my 4years background in 3D Animation I can earn $500 min per day.Is this OK?

  13. Sharmin says:

    Hi Nafisa,

    I did a search using “3D animation resume” and got quite a number of hits. One of the site is http://www.raph.com/3dartists/jobcenter/jc-r.php I can see here animation artists have posted their resumes. They are from different parts of the world. You might post your resume as well. Hope this helps.


  14. anita says:

    Hi Nafisa,

    I’m a web designer and I’d like to respond to your last comment: Can you earn $500 per day as a 3d animator? I think it’s possible, as long as you have a really good portfolio to present at the interview. Just know that it is a smaller market than, let’s say accounting. And of course it will help if you live in a big/medium sized city/town, like NY, LA, Atlanta, etc. where there will be more opportunities. I’m including a link that can help you calculate the average salary for animators.


    Try a few different zipcodes to get an idea of how much employers in diff areas are paying.

    Hope this helps and best of luck!!


  15. Selina says:


    I would like to make a comment about your last question.

    e) A New York based IT training institute states that with my 4years background in 3D Animation I can earn $500 min per day.Is this OK?

    Based on my experience in the graphic design industry it sounds too good to be true especially for an entry level position. Of course, it is possible for someone with an excellent portofolio, and 10+ years of experience . As Anita pointed out this is a very competitive field. You have to keep in mind that there are many candidates with associate degree and bachelors degree as well competing for the same position. Also, depending on where you live your salary expectation will vary.

  16. Nafisa Khan says:

    Thanks to all for your kind advice.
    Pls tell me what are the chances of my getting a job in the US after finishing my studies & b able to work in the US to b able to repay any loan I take to execute my studies.What r the chances of getting work visa,viz H1B class?

  17. hi Nafisa,

    i was working for the last two years as a Multimedia/Video Artist for a software firm up in Boston (www.xplana.com). i started right after i graduated in 2004, used up my OPT and then they sponsored me for an H1-B in 2005. every state has a prevailing wage chart that sort of determines their minimum salary for a given job description. any company has to offer you that amount or more in order to be able to petition for your H1-B. I did a search for my position and heres what I got: http://www.flcdatacenter.com/OesQuickResults.aspx?code=27-1014&area=1120&year=6&source=1

    you can use the site to narrow down more specifically what you are looking for to get a fair estimate of what the going rate for that job is.

    hope that helps…

  18. Nafisa Khan says:

    Hi Nandita,
    thanks for your advice.I am glad to note that u r in the same line.I specialize in 3DMax in lighting & Texturing& have been in the industry for the last 4 years & more.I am now trying to get an admission in the US,if possible.
    What is an OPT?
    I have checked up the site u gav me.There Data is 0f 2004!
    The study, “Video Games: Serious Business for America’s Economy estimates that video game software sales for consoles, PCs, mobile, and online hit $8.2 billion in 2004 and are forecasted to grow to $15 billion in 2010, the report estimated that the industry would support over 250,000 jobs by 2009 — a 75% increase over the 144,000 full-time jobs the industry supported in 2004-www.theesa.com.
    So the chances in US are great.
    Hope to hear from u often & seeking your guidance ,so that I can come to the States!

  19. Nafisa Khan says:

    Hi Sharmin,thanks for ur comments.I have gone thru the website u recomendded! But anyone wants to see my portfolio, & wants to conduct a test on the spot so w/out being personally available it is imposible to get a job! thanks.

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