| March 17th, 2006

* breakfast – one important meal of the day!

Are you a breakfast skipper? If you are working hard on loosing weight and think it will help you loose weight by skipping breakfast,you are wrong!!
Many of us who want to loose weight or burn some calories often skip breakfast as it is easy to skip thru it and then eat a good lunch. This actually does the reverse.  Breakfast (first meal of the day) enhances your metabolism to help your body work harder against obesity.  Breakfast prevents your body to eat too much throughout the day. Learn more from the article at the link below and start eating a healthy breakfast every morning.
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  1. RK says:

    I agree. When you don’t have breakfast in the morning, your body assumes that it will not get food anytime soon and your metabolism shuts down to conserve energy. So instead of losing weight by not eating breakfast, you are actually forcing your body to hold on to whatever it has. However, if you have a healthy breakfast (low in fat, sodium, and carbs), then your metabolism stays active and you burn more calories that way.

    Having a healthy breakfast also prevents you from binging on unhealthy food during lunch.

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