| March 9th, 2006

* introducing adhunika lounge area:

If you want to say something that doesn’t necessarily fit into a pre-existing category, come to our ‘lounge’ area and share your thoughts.


– Adhunika Admin team.


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  1. Himadri Ahsan says:

    I’m very much interested in getting involved with Adhunika. I was wondering how active Adhunika is in Minnesota. Does it meet anywhere? is there any orientation for new members? any plans for fund raising activities to help the IT project for women in Bangladesh? would Adhunika like to have organizations co-sponsor/co-organize events?
    I apologize for asking too many questions… just a curious newbee!

  2. Shahnaz says:


    Thank you for your interest in Adhunika. As we are an Internet based volunteer organization; most of our work is done through the net. If you want to get involve with the IT for Women Project, or have more questions please don’t hesitate to send an email to it4woman@adhunika.org, Currently, we are in the planning process for our annual event in August to benefit the Project, the event will take place in New York. Again thanks for your post.


  3. hi i’m Shama.i live in bangladesh.now i’m doing my bba degree.i’m also doing freelance journalism in a popular daily in our country.in this site Sharmin and Nayna are very well known.i appriciat them.i think it’s a nice website.we can share our emotions to one another.in this site i found so many bengali girl.EI JONNO AMAR ONEK VALO LEGECHE.anyways nice to meet with all of you….bye….SHAMA

  4. Labiba says:

    Hi Everyone,

    It’s wonderful to see new faces at Adhunika and this blog will be a great way of communicating with each other. I have been involved with Adhunika since 2004 and it’s been a rewarding experience. Adhunika has given me the opportunity to help other Bangladeshi women accomplish their dreams. In the process, I have also met many wonderful, intelligent, and strong women, who have become dear friends. They have enhanced my life and I hope we will continue enhance other women’s lives through Adhunika.

  5. Mohammad Shahidul Islam says:

    Is this first time in my country? I am sure, sooner or later it will occupy thousands of hearts across Bangladesh.

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