| February 12th, 2006

* introducing adhunika education:

The Education Section of the Adhunika Blog is a platform for us to voice our concerns and questions about the educational opportunities, choices and options we face at various stages of our lives. Here, we hope that women who have gone through college, graduate schools, medical schools or other professional training schools will gather around and share their experiences and wisdom with those who are planning on embarking on a similar journey themselves.

Maybe you have a strength or talent that you want to harness, and are not sure how it fits into the various educational options available to you. Maybe you wonder how to apply to colleges abroad as you face highschool graduation in Bangladesh. Maybe you wonder what educational choices will best prep you for a fulfilling career and a rewarding personal life.

Or maybe you just want to find out how other young women in your age group or from a similar background are taking decisions regarding their educational choices. Whatever you want to discuss, Adhunika Blog is YOUR platform to share your thoughts and ideas and to initiate a meaningful exchange of experiences and advice.

From time to time, we will invite experts or other young women who have insights into the various topics raised by our readers in this forum to contribute their ideas. If you’d like to participate as a contributor or author, please leave a comment here, or email me at naina*at*adhunika*dot*org.

Tentative timeline:

March ’06: Initiate discussion for US college applicants for freshman admissions in 2007

April ’06: Beyond College Graduation

May ’06: College choice – what makes for a meaningful college experience?

June ’06: Talk about standardized testing, requesting application materials etc

if there are other topics you want to see discussed here, leave your comments! Your participation will determine how resourceful the blog can be for you!


2 Responses to “* introducing adhunika education:”

  1. Sawsan says:

    Making a career choice can get very confusing and overwhelming. It’s been about 4 years since I’ve been out of college and I still waver between several career interests like psychology, international relations, journalism etc. Considering I come from a Math and Physics background, one wouldn’t expect me to be enthusiastic about these arenas. I guess I began to realize and acknowledge my interests much after I graduated from college. But it’s never too late! We are conditioned to believe that we need to choose one career path asap and stick to it for lifetime. I think it’s important to know that it’s quite natural to be confused and have several interests at any point in life. It’s also very normal to be interested in multiple fields. Trying out different fields is the key to figuring out the ones that excite you the most. I currently hold a full-time position at a finance company but am passionate about writing, performing arts, volunteering for non-profit orgs etc.. If I hadn’t decided to explore these interests, I would’ve never known the immense satisfaction I am left with after participating in activities relating to these fields. Never hesitate to take that step to try out something new or else you might end up always wondering if you would have been happier doing something else.

  2. Himadri Ahsan says:

    I’d like to introduce AIESEC-Twin Cities to the readers. AIESEC is actually one of the world’s largest student run organization, and has its chapters residing in more than 88 countries. In Bangladesh there are 3 chapters. AIESEC provides international internship opportunities and exchange programs to its members. AIESEC-Twin Cities (MN) chapter has recently been formed at metropolitan State University MN, and is working towards securing internship positions for students (need not necessarily be from Metropolitan State) in and around Twin Cities. AIESEC operates in local, national and international level, so any student interested should be able to be served by AIESEC through the nearest local chapter. How it works in finding an internship position for you is: you become a member at a local chapter, post your resume and specify where and what job position you are interested in… and AIESSECers around the world will find and secure your desired internship for you! AIESEC administrators even take care of paperworks realted to visa matters. Check out their website: http://www.AIESEC.org

    AIESEC – Twin Cities (MN) contacts:
    Himadri Ahsan, local community leader: himadri.ahsan@gmail.com
    Josue Preciado, marketing and relations:

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