| June 17th, 2007

My Father is the best; and here is why…


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  1. Shaila says:

    Out of all the qualities, the one I love the most is the fact that my father is always very encouraging about whatever we want to do. If I want to work or go back to school or anything in every step of our lives (me and my two sisters), he was always talking to us with enthusiasm and I can’t recall once when he stopped me from doing something.
    Recently I have started a little business and the first time I mentioned it, he stepped right in starting from handeling money transactions to shipping etc. Last year when I mentioned about the fact we will start looking to buy a house, during his short stay with us in NY all he did is look for houses on the internet, paper, realtor list etc. and went to every house with us until we made an offer and signed a contract. A few weeks ago I mentioned, to abbu that we want to drive cross country and he said, “Oh great!! I wish I could join you guys, let me look up the map on google, which route are you taking? North or South?” And he was saying this sitting half way across the world from me.

    This is why, a very positive and encouraging dad made us have a positive outlook in life.

  2. Sharmin Islam says:

    My father was always the one that I could go to whether I was feeling up or down. When things were looking up in my life, he would support me with his enthusiasm and encouragement. When things were looking down in my life, he would listen and always give me his shoulder to cry on. I love my father for his kind heart and his unconditional love and forgiveness towards me. No one in this world has loved me more than my father. I wish he knew that he means the world to me.

  3. Lipna says:

    A letter to my father:

    My Dear Abbu,
    Do you know when you laugh I feel like ever thing around is beautiful, life is meaningful and I am the most happiest girl on earth. But when you are sad, I feel gloomy, I feel lost, the world looks horrible and I feel like an idiot, who is not able to do anything about your sadness. You mean so much to me I can’t explain. You have been from a very conservative family and so you have been very conservative too. But when we sisters did anything that is not right in your eyes, but not wrong even, you allowed that knowing that this will make us happy. When I left home you cried whole night and in the morning told Ammu not to tell this to your daughters or they will heart break. This is the way you are, only think about us sacrificing your passions, time.

    The kind of family where you are from, generally girls get married at the age of 16/18, no one much worried about girls education, but you have been different, you encourage us to reach farther as much as we can. Without your encourage and support it was impossible (esp. from a family structure we came from). You were born in a village with a simple mentality but when generation changed, things changed, your saw the modern life. Whether you agreed or not,
    you look for the things that would made us happy, sacrificing your opinions, thoughts sometimes. You were always there for us. We sisters can’t t think of our existence without you. I could not be where I am now. I had quite some impossible dreams from when I was a child and to make my come true you even opposed our relatives opinions when it became a obstacle in my way. All your life you have always thought about us, your daughters.

    Even now when I feel depressed you would say “Everything will be OK”. Knowing that you are always there for me I feel energized and happy. My life stands because of you and I miss you each and every day from here (USA). I love you Abbu more than you can imagine.

    You have been the BEST father of the world. I am the luckiest person on earth having you as my father and am really proud to be your daughter.

    Your Daughter,

  4. Farhana says:

    So simple and yet beautiful letter that pulls a string in your heart and reminds of you of the special man of your life- your father. As a little girl, my father was the universe in my eyes and nothing can ever be compared to him. As I grew old, I began to have my own opinion about things and nowadays we have many conflicting beliefs and opinions. But, one thing will never change- the unconditional love of my father and how much he has sacrificed for the well being of his family. I wish he knew how I much I miss him everyday and how much I love him.

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