| September 26th, 2006

* question: "my mother in law interferes : can you help?"

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I am staying in joint family. I got married 3 years back. My Mother in Law always interrupt me whatever I do. She doesn’t allow me to do anything and keep on saying that I don’t do any thing. This is troublesome for me. My husband wants to stay with family. What should I do?

Advice from Ms Khursheed Irfan Ahmed, Family Counselor:

Three years of marriage should give you a say in your family matters. How about consult your husband and then sit together with mother in law to outline your role in house responsibilities and your need for non interference in how you manage this role?

Expressing oneself tactfully is one way of gaining peace in coexistence. Expressing ones care and love for each other will go along way in solving a relationship issue.


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