| September 14th, 2006

Something Makes Me Very Hopeful

This picture captures a moment in a women’s football tournament in Bangladesh.


Courtesy: Prothom Alo


9 Responses to “Something Makes Me Very Hopeful”

  1. Shahnaz says:

    Way to go girls! A picture of hope indeed, thanks Sharmin, for posting such a inspiring picture. You just made my day.


  2. Madhury says:

    I am not agreeing with the title. You said “hopeful” .. It makes me proud.. plain simple. yes I am hopeful that this will continue .. but so proud that they are already taking these steps.

  3. Afrin A says:

    Yes this is inspiring and makes me nostalgic as well. My dad was a footballer and he was associated with a football club and BFF as well. When I was a kid, my dad used to take me to all of his club’s games and I remember watching the game sitting right on the field. He would visually get upset when a footballer would miss a golden chance and I would shake my head on disbelief that how bad the players are and how I would coach them when I grow up to correct all of their issues!!
    I told my dad about my wish one day and he encouraged me that I should create my own girls team when I grow up and said “You should play too.”

    I used to imagine myself in my dad’s seat, talking to the players, getting upset when the team wouldn’t make it to the first division for that year, advising them to listen to coach more carefully and all that.
    That was then. Now when I see actual girls teams playing on the team, it reminds me of my dream and my dad. Sure enough I didn’t share his passion for football but there are girls out there that have made their passion into reality. Maybe one day they will really do something for football, something that the boy team couldn’t do.

  4. Needra says:

    Yayyyyyyy, BD girls rocks! Sports is something thats missing in my blood. But my wishes are with BD women soccer team to secure a graceful position in Olympic Women’s soccer someday! Hopefully its not too far away! 🙂

  5. Suzana says:

    I am proud of our girls. When I went to Bangladesh this March I saw women are coming out of their shells and It made me very proud. All the best girls!!

  6. rumi says:

    More encouraging is that this is not only Dhaka based. In this inter district game, girls from remote districts like Shariatpur, Borguna, etc are playing. They are now playing here in Dhaka, means they practices back at their districts fileds.

    It is big. It is significant step forward for the whole country folks.

    I did a picture blog today with this picture in Drishtipat blog without knowing that it has already been picked up by Adhunika.

  7. Anita says:

    I am always proud of Bangladeshi girls. Its not only Football I think we can do anything and we are powerful. It is not only Bangladeshi girls but we should always remmeber that ALLAH has given us the power, strength and feelings which is beyond imagination and He made us unique than so called males. That’s why we should keep it up and ensure we keep our image always high.

    Great to have so many viqis in the comments.

  8. neepa says:

    simply i can say, feel proud.

  9. Sharmin says:

    More in the news:

    Kolkata, February 26: For a country steeped in social deprivation and neglect whenever it came to sports for women, launching something even close to a women’s football association was next to nothing. In neighbouring Bangladesh, some had even tried to launch one, but succumbed to pressure from fundamentalist groups.


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