| December 12th, 2010

* victory day celebration with adhunika!

Another successful year for Adhunika! The recent Bangladesh Victory Day – Bijoy Dibosh celebration on December 11 was a great year-end touch. The event was held in Connect – a cozy space in New York City.


* a trip to remember

Adhunika Bangladesh Society (ABS) was the place where I always wanted to visit whenever I am in Bangladesh. However, things are completely out of control when you land onto your homeland and see those familiar faces that are waiting for your arrival.


* meeting with the participants of project “IT4Women”

Last winter I went to visit girls at the Adhunika Bangladesh Society’s office at Azimpur, Dhaka. I was joined by Sharmin Banu who also flew there from USA.  We had been involved with Adhunika’s activities and programs for several years especially in the Adhunika blog , that was aimed towards raising awareness among girls.  Therefore, […]

| December 7th, 2009

* victory day celebration!

In the heart of New York City, Adhunika organized Bijoy Dibosh celebration to commemorate Bangladesh’s 38th year of independence from Pakistan. Following is an excerpt by Kyoko Mona – who has been a friend of Adhunika since 2007.

| October 25th, 2009

* an evening with heights collective, ganJam, and friends

On Friday, October 23rd, 2009, Adhunika held one of its memorable events of the year – a musical evening with Heights Collective, Ganjam and Friends.

| June 3rd, 2009

At the Crossroad of Life

Like many of you, I’m still trying to find my calling, my passion, that thing that will motivate and stimulate my soul. This is called the ‘finding thyself’ process of life that we all, every now and then go through. I have been working in finance for the past 5 years and I realized now that finance is not the passion of my life.


About this blog

Adhunika blog is launched with a mission to share knowledge among women from every walk of life. Sometime it would be in the form of sharing experience to find a feasible solution of a problem; sometime it would be in the form of professional consultation, which Adhunika group will arrange for its bloggers. Nevertheless, the intent of this blog always remains the same - to help and empower women through a common web-based platform....read more



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