* story of lina

I am having Chemotherapy again. It recurred from my right breast. It would be incorrect to call it ‘breast’, it would probably be more appropriate to call it chest as my right breast was mastectomized on 3 October, 2009.


* breast cancer: girls, beware of the silent killer!

Dhaka, 2011: Cancer has turned out to be the number one killer of women in childbearing age in Bangladesh. According to Bangladesh Maternal Mortality Survey 2010, which was not aimed at estimating cancer deaths, got the shocking results while looking for causes of death of women in childbearing age.

| September 26th, 2011

* adhunika race for the cure 2011

Sunday, September 18th, 2011, at Central Park, NY, team Adhunika race for the Cure joined the Susan G. Komen for the Cure for a 5k race/walk to share the vision of Susan G. Komen – A world without breast cancer.


* story of shegufta

I had my appointment with Dr. Hong at 4 .00 p.m Singapore time on 27th July, 2010 in Mount Elizabeth Hospital. I didn’t intend to go to Singapore leaving my daughters back in Bangladesh for a ‘simple’ reason but Saad, my husband, was very adamant to take me there. Saad had been very worried, tensed and nervous for last couple of days.


* story of sarah

When the doctor uttered the word “Malignant” on a cool November morning, I felt like a huge load was suddenly dumped on me. My first reaction was “you got to be kidding me”. The dreaded word itself is quite loaded and then the way it was delivered, so abruptly. I was baffled and was trying to explain to her that she is looking at a healthy person who just completed her 2nd Marine Corp marathon only two or three weeks prior…


* story of santwana saha

By SANTWANA SAHA, Former Head of the Department of History, Narsingdi Government College & A Breast Cancer Survivor in Bangladesh. She is also one of the speakers on Breast Cancer Awareness for the participants of Adhunika Bangladesh Society on October 2009 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by abnormal proliferation of cells, usually in a random disorderly manner. Through the uncontrolled growth of these malignant cells tumors are usually formed. Malignant cells tend to spread from their site of origin by traveling through the blood stream or lymphatic system.


* a recent visit that touched my heart!

I joined Adhunika Foundation in New York little over two years back. I was involved in few fund raising events, closely worked with the volunteers – the Friends of Adhunika to make every event success to support work of Adhunika Bangladesh Society (ABS). I heard about ABS, their work and achievements in last two years, and always was interested to meet the students in person where they take computer class and wanted to hear their stories and interests.

| December 12th, 2010

* victory day celebration with adhunika!

Another successful year for Adhunika! The recent Bangladesh Victory Day – Bijoy Dibosh celebration on December 11 was a great year-end touch. The event was held in Connect – a cozy space in New York City.


* a trip to remember

Adhunika Bangladesh Society (ABS) was the place where I always wanted to visit whenever I am in Bangladesh. However, things are completely out of control when you land onto your homeland and see those familiar faces that are waiting for your arrival.

| July 31st, 2010

* in search of creative unity through dance

“We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams.” – Anonymous

A warm, sunny Sunday afternoon in Manhattan. Venue – Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater on 9th Avenue. A prestigious venue indeed. Performers – the legendary Lubna Marium, along with some of the best performers of Bangladesh. Even more esteemed if I may say so.


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