| June 10th, 2007

* dreamers & makers

Tribute to Women of Bangladesh.

The Adhunika Foundation cordially invites you to a celebration of women at their fifth anniversary gala in New York.

Program includes Adhunika’s activities fair, get to know about organizations providing community outreach programs, join children’s activities – story telling and face painting, visit the craft and creative corner and support their work, and try the food stall catered by women of Bangladesh in New York. The evening is filled with presentation by Adhunika, theater, musical performance, poetry, dance, fashion show and more!

Proceeds will fund Adhunika’s Information Technology for Women Project in Bangladesh.

Join us for a night of awareness & festivities and Make a difference.

Event Details:
Saturday, June 16, 2007

4:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Parkwest High School Auditorium
525 West 50 Street New York, NY 10019
(Between Avenues 11th and 10th)


6 Responses to “* dreamers & makers”

  1. Fariha Sarawat says:

    Congratulations and best wishes!

  2. Samiha Esha says:

    Good Luck for the event. Hope it will be a great event. wish adhunika team all the best 🙂

    Samiha Esha

  3. Sharmin Islam says:

    Oh, I wish that I could go to this event. Unfortunately, I don’t live anywhere close to N.Y…Best wishes to everyone and hope that you all have a lot of fun!

  4. Nadira says:

    GOOD WISHES for Adhunika’s 5th Year Anniversary.

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  5. Sharbari says:

    …Congrats on turning 5.

  6. Shahnaz says:

    Hello Friends of Adhunika,

    The old friends who have been with us since March 2002 – in work, spirits, and thoughts – but couldn’t be with us on June 16th, you were missed greatly!

    The new friends who were unable to come because you wanted to, but just couldn’t – you were missed also!

    And the friends ‘new’ and ‘old’ who were present that evening – the ones who put thousands of hours behind the scenes to make it a reality; and the ones who joined just because you wanted to show you care – all of your presence made another girl in Bangladesh to dream big for herself, so thank you for being there.

    Late Saturday night when I came across a note in my purse along $5 in $1 dollar bill saying,’ ‘here is my donation of $5, I wanted raise more but I couldn’t’ – all the wariness became trivial since then. The note was from our youngest friend Anamika Huq, who was silently working hard at the kid’s corner at the gala. So thank you Anamika, you just gave us hope to dream even bigger:).

    It is a great feeling knowing no one needs to stop dreaming, because You ‘the dreamers and the makers ‘ are paving the path for them. So thank you again of your presence and the great support you showed us at the gala.

    Keep on dreaming, and keep on making them a reality!

    best regards,
    on behalf of girls who participates at the ‘IT for Women’ Project in Bangladesh



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