| October 29th, 2006

* email etiquette

We all know (more or less) how to write in English as we learned English language as a mandatory subject (second language) in the primary, secondary and higher secondary education levels in Bangladesh.  I remember learning how to write formal and personal letters in English grammar classes.  After I came to US and completed my Bachelors […]

| October 19th, 2006

* academic advising

[Selina Huq is a guest blogger, who has been an Advising and Registration counselor for the past seven years in US. – Admin. ] As an Academic Advisor I am very familiar with curriculum requirements for student pursuing various majors. I assist new and continuing students with college policy, registration procedures, course selection and four year […]

| October 13th, 2006

Nobel peace prize for a great friend of Bangladeshi Women

Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh and the Grameen Bank have been jointly awarded the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize.  Mr Yunus, an economist, founded the bank, which is one of the pioneers of micro-credit lending schemes for the poor, especially women, in Bangladesh. BBC News Â

| October 11th, 2006

Tale of a Little Girl

With a heavy heart I am writing today about Madhabi. She is a little 6/7 year old girl used to work as a domestic worker for a well off and so called educated family in Dhaka. She has been brutally tortured by her employer and now she is fighting for her life in a hospital […]

| October 2nd, 2006

Crucial Conversations

Consider these scenarios: You are talking to your boss about a promotion you deserve but she thinks you are not ready yet. You notice that your husband is not throwing the trash as he is supposed to, you bring that up (in a not-so-pleasant way) and before you know you two end up in a heated […]


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