| October 11th, 2006

Tale of a Little Girl

With a heavy heart I am writing today about Madhabi. She is a little 6/7 year old girl used to work as a domestic worker for a well off and so Madhabi (The Daily Star)called educated family in Dhaka. She has been brutally tortured by her employer and now she is fighting for her life in a hospital bed. The story has been published in Star Weeknd Magazene.

While many of the families treat their domestic workers very well, many others are no better than Madhabi’s employer. This is an extreme case, but who knows how many are there we don’t hear about.

There might be many psychological reasons why people are cruel to other people; but it is true that the lack of proper legal action is one of the biggest reasons that are encouraging many to continue the act of cruelty towards their household workers. It is not only the physical abuse, think of this: your employer is constantly yelling at you, very seldom you get a break from your work, how would you feel?

I would encourage our readers to give it a though and come up with suggestions on how to improve this.


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