| February 26th, 2007

Random Act of Kindness

It was a busy Monday morning in New York City Penn Station. People were walking fast; some were running, everyone was trying to catch the train to get to work. Â I was waiting for the Number 2 train. Lots of people were around me. Some looked stressed, some were looking at their watches, some […]

| February 21st, 2007

Omor Ekushey

 Today is Martyrs day. This February 21st day commemorates the lives sacrificed to make Bengali one of the national languages when Bangladesh was part of Pakistan. The West Pakistani regime tried to force Urdu as the national language, a fact that was strongly contested by Bengalis. On that fateful day a procession by Bengalis was […]

| February 20th, 2007

* dress for success: what to wear for a job interview

This article is based on the professional business environment in the Western world.  We would appreciate comments on appropriate interview attire for Bangladesh As the old saying goes, the first impression is the most important one, it is true for job interviews as well. Dressing up for any formal occasion could be a skill itself […]

| February 15th, 2007

Pohela Phalgun & Valentines Day

Pohela phalgun – the day we usher ‘Boshonto’ – which symbolizes life, and Valentines Day – which symbolizes love just passed us. We would like to know how did you celebrate these two occasions?  

| February 12th, 2007

* the curriculum vitae/resume: your primary marketing tool

(This post is written by our blogger Nazia Hussein, this is a response to the requests we often recieve on how to write resumes or the curriculum vitae for job market in Bangladesh.)   In today’s highly competitive job market of Bangladesh, employers tend to be choosy. With this pressure on, it becomes most important for job […]

| February 2nd, 2007

Voice of America Interviews Adhunika

Many of you have asked us to put the link of the interview that Voice of America took of Adhunika, so here it is: Voice of America Interviews Adhunika – January 2007Â This also gives us an opportunity to thank all the people behind the scene who make it possible for us to evolve. We […]


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