Valentine’s fundraiser by Team Adhunika Jr. for Children of Amrao Manush Project

Happy Valentine’s Day! The time has come when Adhunika Foundation’s youth group Team Adhunika Jr. (TAJ) returns for the 4th year to raise funds for children of Amrao Manush. For past three years these fundraisers have helped fund six major activities for the school going street children of Amrao Manush Project run by Sajida Foundation in Dhaka, Bangladesh,The six programs that are being supported are as follows:

  • Nutrition Support – Service to provide cooked meals for children with assistance from nutritionists.
  • School Supplies & Uniforms – Financial relief for school supplies, dress, and school admission fees.
  • Tutorial Support – Skill building programs for advanced workforce related knowledge not covered in school.
  • Child Safeguarding Awareness – Sessions to promote child welfare from citations like abuse and domestic violence
  • Psychosocial Awareness – Sessions for children to personally ease the toll of negative crisis situations.
  • Cultural Workshop/Day Celebration – Humanities related program for the children to expand knowledge beyond STEM.

WHAT: Valentines fundraiser by Team Adhunika Jr. for Children of Amrao Manush Project

WHEN: February 14 – February 28


For the 4th annual Valentines fundraiser, TAJ’s goal is to raise $6000 in order to fund those major activities, & hopes to reach this goal with your kindness and generosity, and that you consider donating to Team Adhunika Jr’s cause. The fundraiser will run through February 14 to February 28.. Thank you for your generosity & kindness in advance! ♥ 

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Adhunika Foundation is partnering with SAJIDA Foundation to fundraise for those most effected by COVID-19 in Bangladesh.


  • Marginalized communities
  • People with disabilities
  • Day laborers
  • Migrants workers
  • Women and Children
  • The chronically ill
  • Households who have lost income


  • Essential food and hygiene kits
  • PPE for health workers
  • PPE for ICU center
  • Hand washing stations
  • Health and mental hotlines

Donate now through Adhunika to help where it’s most needed. 100% of your donation is tax deductible. Thank YOU in advance for helping us fight this pandemic!

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Check the following link to keep updated with SAJIDA Foundation’s activities:

COVID-19 Response Activities of SAJIDA Foundation



Source: Sajida Foundation