Now, more than ever, your support means everything. In these challenging times, we have to do the best we can for those who count on our presence and our support. Due to the pandemic it has been particularly important to give back and we, at Adhunika Foundation and Team Adhunika Junior rely on you to fund our COVID-19 response activities and running of valuable projects through Sajida Foundation, including activities for the school going street children of Amrao Manush Project.

Donate now through Adhunika to help where it’s most needed. 100% of your donation is tax deductible. To use PayPal please use the link below:

COVID-19 response activities:

  • Health care service
  • Food and hygiene materials distribution
  • Cash Support 

Projects Adhunika Foundation supports:

  • Reproductive Health Awareness Program for Females
  • Prevention of Violence against Women through Change Makers
  • Personal Hygiene Awareness including Menstrual Hygiene Management
  • Promoting safe pregnancy by ensuring Antenatal care, Prenatal care and Delivery care
  • Skills development/Training/Apprenticeships

Projects Team Adhunika Jr. supports:

  • Nutrition Support – Service to provide cooked meals for children with assistance from nutritionists.
  • School Supplies & Uniforms – Financial relief for school supplies, dress, and school admission fees.
  • Tutorial Support – Skill building programs for advanced workforce related knowledge not covered in school.
  • Child Safeguarding Awareness – Sessions to promote child welfare from citations like abuse and domestic violence
  • Psychosocial Awareness – Sessions for children to personally ease the toll of negative crisis situations.
  • Cultural Workshop/Day Celebration – Humanities related program for the children to expand knowledge beyond STEM.

Keep updated with our partner SAJIDA Foundation’s activities:

COVID-19 Response Activities of SAJIDA Foundation