| September 10th, 2007

* finding the right job

(From Our Archive) Are you getting ready for entering the job market?  Here we will discuss a few points and tips on how to get ready and get started. Set Goals The first and foremost of all is to have a goal in your mind.  You need to think and find out what exactly you […]

| August 20th, 2007

* on the notion of "a suitable job for women"

I came up with the idea of writing something on the notion: if certain jobs are more suitable than others for women, from a yahoo open question which asked which of the following 3 jobs was suitable for women- physician, nurse and politician. The question also asked which of these can a women perform better […]

| August 14th, 2007

* volunteerism

From Our Archive: “Volunteerism is the willingness of people to work on behalf of others without the expectation of pay or other tangible gain¦ the vast majority work on an impromptu basis, recognising a need and filling it, whether it be the dramatic search for a lost child or the mundane giving of directions to a […]

| July 31st, 2007

* towards a gender friendly workspace

From Our Archive: The Days have changed, they say. Gone are the days when Bangladeshi girls were groomed from childhood to be able to impress their in laws in future. They were trained to be a versatile chef, an expert in stitching and sewing and sometimes a talented singer. Today Bangladeshi parents have become more […]

| February 20th, 2007

* dress for success: what to wear for a job interview

This article is based on the professional business environment in the Western world.  We would appreciate comments on appropriate interview attire for Bangladesh As the old saying goes, the first impression is the most important one, it is true for job interviews as well. Dressing up for any formal occasion could be a skill itself […]

| February 12th, 2007

* the curriculum vitae/resume: your primary marketing tool

(This post is written by our blogger Nazia Hussein, this is a response to the requests we often recieve on how to write resumes or the curriculum vitae for job market in Bangladesh.)   In today’s highly competitive job market of Bangladesh, employers tend to be choosy. With this pressure on, it becomes most important for job […]

| October 29th, 2006

* email etiquette

We all know (more or less) how to write in English as we learned English language as a mandatory subject (second language) in the primary, secondary and higher secondary education levels in Bangladesh.  I remember learning how to write formal and personal letters in English grammar classes.  After I came to US and completed my Bachelors […]

| August 21st, 2006

* interview preparations: behavioral interview questions

Even though basic interview questions are resume-based and revolve around education, previous work experiences, interests, etc., savvy interviewers like to test the candidates by asking behavioral questions. These questions are usually based on specific situations that will require the candidate give examples from his/her prior work experiences.  Because these questions are specified, the answers also […]

| July 16th, 2006

* interview preparations: 5 common interview questions

Even though, every interview is different, there are some basic questions that are more likely to appear in any interview and job seekers should prepare to answer those questions properly.  We will discuss 5 basic questions today.  While answering any question, we always need to remember the following key points. Highlight your skills, knowledge and […]

| June 7th, 2006

* interview preparations: researching the company

Leana has just got a call from a prospective employer and has been invited to an interview. She is very excited but a bit nervous at the same time. She has never been to any interviews and has no clue on how to prepare for the upcoming interview. Leana has about a week to prepare […]


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