| October 19th, 2006

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[Selina Huq is a guest blogger, who has been an Advising and Registration counselor for the past seven years in US. – Admin. ]

As an Academic Advisor I am very familiar with curriculum requirements for student pursuing various majors. I assist new and continuing students with college policy, registration procedures, course selection and four year planning.

One of the questions that I get from many of my students is when should I meet with my advisor? How do I know who my advisor is? What should I do before I register for my courses? Here are tips and advice that you want to consider before registering for your courses:

The first step would be to make an appointment to meet with your Academic Advisor. An academic advisor is assigned to every student based on his or her major.  If you have not declared a major than you are considered an (undeclared student). An undeclared student is assigned to a general advisor who will help them develop an academic plan.  Students are responsible for making and keeping appointments with their advisors. Ideally, students should seek to meet with their advisors during non-registration times in order to have a more personalized and thoughtful discussion.
The second step in the advising process is to print out a copy of your degree requirement bring this with you when you meet with your advisor. Review the requirements for your academic program, or intended program, in the catalog. Make a sample schedule for the next semester.
The third step when you meet with your advisor be honest about your work load, academic needs, personal commitments, financial concerns, etc., that could impede your ability to have a successful academic career.  Remember, your advisor wants to help you be successful, but much of your success will depend on you.
Get to know your advisor and let your advisor get to know you! It will be one of the most beneficial relationships you will develop on campus.


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