| March 21st, 2006

* dealing with my toddler


These days I found a new way to discipline my toddler girl.

When she doesn’t want to do something and I feel she should, I come up with two options and ask her to pick one.

For example when she doesn’t want to share her toys with a guest baby, I give her two options: “which one you like to give her, this toy or that toy?”. She picks one.

Sometimes she doesn’t want to clean her face, I ask her if she wants to wash her face or take a bath. Obviously she prefers the face wash.

If I force her she gets upset whereas this way she thinks she is the one who made the choice so everyone is happy:). When she becomes more intelligent, she will say, “none”, then I will have to come up with a new strategy.

Another technique I use is to offer her some reward. For example, She likes to wach Barney after her dinner. So I say, If you can finish your veges/food we can watch Barney. I do this with one caution though, I give her as much as she usually takes (so that it is feasible for her to finish the food). Also I notice if she has cold or anything, in that case no reward will bring her appetite back.


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