| August 7th, 2016

Dear Friends of Adhunika,
Hope the summer is going well. Before the kids go back to school the Team Adhunika Jr. will participate at the Annual Chatpati Mela for the second time to raise funds for Amrao Manush Project managed by Sajida Foundation in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Last year the Team Adhunika Jr. was able to help 23 street children go to school with your support. We sincerely hope you will make time to stop at the Team Adhunika Jr. & show your support. Show our next generation we all can make a difference.

Look forward to see you all.

Thank You.
Team Adhunika Jr.


About Team Adhunika Jr.
Adhunika Jr. is a team initiated by Sid S. Yousuf – it was created to raise schooling supply money for the Amrao Manush project day care center located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. According to Sajida Foundation which manages the project Amrao Manush, “This daycare service allows homeless working mothers to leave their children, who are 2-6 years old, in a safe environment, while they work to contribute to their family income. The center also ensures schooling for street children (age 6+)”.

The Adhunika Jr. team works in the US. The team generates funds for the street children by holding fundraisers of merchandise and refreshments at various events. In Bangladesh, the Amrao Manush daycare centre collects the funds that are sent from the US to provide school supplies & counseling for the children, and contributes to schooling the children in the daycare.