past projects

  • SHAHRUKH’S & Nityoshongee:

On Feb 17, 2010, with the support of Adhunika Foundation – Adhunika Bangladesh Society (ABS) officially launched a new initiative called ‘ Shahrukh’s & Nityoshongee’ in partnership with Shahruk’s Collection, a leading fashion house in Bangladesh. The partnership under the supervision of the famous designer Late Shahrukh Shahid, created opportunities for participants of Adhunika Women’s Center managed by ABS to be involved with the training to develop, promote and sell products. With this partnership, 20% proceeds from these products contributed to projects of Adhunika Bangladesh Society.

View Shahrukh’s & Nityoshongee Products:

February 2006-December 2008 – Adhunika was a proud sponsor of Computer Literacy Program for Volunteers Association for Bangladesh (VAB), and Development Research Network (D.Net) to support Adhunika Bangladesh Society’s (ABS) ‘Information Technology Training for Women Project’.

  • Information Technology Training for Women:

August 2004 – January 2006: Adhunika supported a pilot project ‘Information Technology Training for Women’ for Adhunika Bangladesh Society which helped create Adhunika Women’s Center.