current projects


  • DREAM Project: The Diabetes Research, Education, and Action for Minorities (DREAM Project) is a five-year community based participatory research study NYU School of Medicine’s Center for the Study of Asian American Health. The goal of the project is to develop, implement, and test a Community Health Worker Program designed to improve diabetes control and diabetes-related health complications in the Bangladeshi community in New York City.

website: DREAM Project


  • SAJIDA Foundation (SF): is a Bangladeshi national NGO that works with underprivileged and low-income groups. The mission of SF is to improve the quality of life in the communities through sustainable, holistic and effective interventions. SF’s activities include providing micro-credit, health services, micro-insurance, mobile medical services in extremely remote areas, working with pavement dwellers etc.
  • Adhunika Women’s Centre: was established by Adhunika Bangladesh Society in 2003 with the financial assistance of Adhunika Foundation. The aim of the Center was to promote the usage of information technology among the women of Bangladesh in order to bring about positive social change in their lives, thus contributing to the advancement of gender equality in Bangladesh and the empowerment of Bangladeshi women.
    During the transition period from April to June 2012 SAJIDA Foundation was given responsibility to manage the center activities. Upon an agreement signed between Adhunika Foundation and SAJIDA Foundation, the center is being fully managed by SAJIDA Foundation from July 2012 with the financial assistance of Adhunika Foundation.
  • Amrao Manush Project – managed by SAJIDA Foundation – Ensure Schooling for a street child (age 6+) supported by the Adhunika Jr. Team


 AF supports with the following:

  • Capacity Building
  • Information Technology for Women Project
  • Career Development Project
  • Access to Health Education & Services Project
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

website: Sajida Foundation