| April 5th, 2006

* e-learning: career move w/o moving from home

Couple of days someone asked me about Microsoft Certification courses. I looked at the website and found there are e-learning opportunities that can help one with his/her next project or to take their career to the next level. I thought most popular ones will be SQL Server, Visual Studio and Office. Most of them are […]

| March 28th, 2006

* resume writing tips

Recently I have been reviewing lots of resumes for some software positions in our team. So I decided to post some tips that might come in handy while preparing a resume. My feedback is based on the resumes of the candidates having a BS/MS on Computer Science with zero to couple of years of industry […]

| February 17th, 2006

* introducing adhunika career:

“So, what are you going to do after graduation”  Perhaps you heard this question thousands of times already! from your parents, teachers, your friends, cousins, neighbors, etc. Now, anytime you even think this question might arise, you avoid the conversation or try to change the topic. Because the answer is, “I don’t know!”  You know […]


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