| February 8th, 2007


We recommend the following movie ‘Ontorjatra’ by Catherine and Tareque Masud. Watching this movie has touched many on different notes. If you have seen it already tell us what you thought of it.

Ontorjatra, Source: BracNet


4 Responses to “Ontorjatra”

  1. Shaila says:

    Loved the movie, I was lucky to meet Tareq bhai and his wife in person at home and his work is absolutely amazing! I would recommend watching all of his movies (Matir Moyna, Muktir Gaan etc.) if you have not yet.

    The best part about the movie which I loved was when Sara Zaker was going around old Dhaka and how everything has changed there. I feel the same way, every time I go to Dhaka. I can’t recognize the old roads, campus and other areas which were so familiar before and now looks “Ochena”.

  2. Shahnaz says:

    Shaila, I am sure you meant ‘his wife Catherine the co-director’, and you recommend all of ‘their movies’ and not his:), cause the duo’s been working as a team for the longest time as co-directors/script-writers/editors. And I am also a big fan of their Muktir Gaan, and Muktir Kotha.

    Recently, when I watched their movie ‘Ontorjatra’, I thought this was one of the few movies of our lifetime which came from Bangladesh that was able to take us to a journey with a woman’s eyes and soul.

    One of the discomforting messages that I got out of the movie (among many other) that in order to keep our dignity, self-respect and self-worth we have to sacrifice more than we deserve. It seemed Shireen (the character played by Sara Zaker) a confident woman battled her adult life, and at times seemed very vulnerable like any other woman to achieve the one little thing called happiness. Although, unlike the movie character – often we don’t question what are unjust and may never get to live our life to the fullest, I only hope in time we will be un-restrained by the name of love, and will pursue our dreams without fear or any remorse.

  3. Sharmin says:

    Those who haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend this movie. Unless you enjoy only action kind of movie you should be able to enjoy it.

    Not only it is very well made from the storyline, music to the camera work, it brings out some very delicate issue regarding relationships. Shirin admits that she left BD and lived in London so that her former husband will not be able to reach them. She realizes that she wanted to punish him but by doing that she deprived her son of his father. She also mentions the pains of her loneliness…her friend who aparently has a ideal life admits that life is not always as one would see it from outside. All these things are very thought provoking, makes us think what it is in the life that makes us fulfilled or happy.

    This kind of things definitely is a huge progress when we are very used to seeing straight forward stories, where some people are very “ideal” some are very “bad”.

  4. Shahnaz says:


    If you live in NY Tri-State area, this is your great opportunity to watch the movie ‘Ontorjatra’ at the theatre. To get detail information please visit the following link of ‘New York Arab & South Asian Film Festival (NYASAFF)’


    Also, you can catch another favourite of mine, Yasmin Kabirs’ “A Certain Liberation” at the theatre next week.

    A Certain Liberation

    Tell your friends about the film festival.

    Enjoy the movies.


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