| February 3rd, 2006

Technical Help

If you have questions about how to post an article, start a discussion, or comment on a blog entry, please send us a comment to this posting, and we’d love to get you started.

Here is a brief run-down of how the Adhunika Blog works:

We have a team of “Authors” who will post their thoughts and ideas on a regular basis in the various categories. The blog entries will be written by them, and moderated by our admin group. For author profiles, go to the “Introductions” section.

From time to time, our authors will invite experts to write about a particular topic. These guest authors will join our “community bloggers” team either temporarily, or permanently, depending on their availability.

If you want to participate more actively than as a reader, and would like to contribute your own writeups and articles, let us know and we can provide you with an account that will enable you to post a blog entry. Otherwise, you can read the entries, and participate in the discussion by leaving comments. The authors will read your comments regarding their posts, and will either answer your questions through the comment section, or if the need arises, they will start a new entry to address the questions and concerns raised through your active discussions.

Categories are self-explanatory. If you want to say something that doesn’t necessarily fit into a pre-existing category, come to our “Lounge” area and share your thoughts.

We all look forward to working together to create a resourceful and fun forum here!

– Adhunika Admin team.


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  1. Nabeel says:

    Awesome thinking. However, why do you have fixed writers for this? Why not invite all the readers to cotribute in it and in all the other pages as well. You don’t have to post them all – the regular members can serve the purpose of an editorial board and vote on which ones are worth posting and which ones aren’t. In addition, I think there should be a link to the Adhunika home page on this page.

  2. RK says:

    How can I add books and a summary of it in the Books/Movies section? Sometimes I come across books that are thought provoking and may help some of your readers if they are into reading.

    One such book I’ve added in “Funny and Witty” can be very helpful for many of your readers. But I think more people can be reached if I can add this book in the Books/Movies section.


  3. Sharmin says:

    Hi RK,

    Thanks for your input.

    Unfortunately non-members can’t create a new post in the site. However you can always send us yours via email that we can choose to post.

    For example if you find a great book on inspiration, tell us what you liked about this book, what worked for you etc and give us the name/link to the book. We will share that with our bloggers for review and one of the admins will publish it.

    The email address is: blog AT adhunika DOT org

    Does this help?

  4. RK says:

    Hi Sharmin,

    Yes, this information helps. Your process sounds fair. Thank you for your quick response. 🙂

    – RK

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